Why the news fails

I was reading this article on “The Week” criticizing the Trump Administration in ways we would expect them to do so, by elaborating on all the White House drama, the media antics and so forth. This particular article focused on how terrifyingly high they believed his approval rating is, despite it being so low. The article really kinda lost me though when after the first few paragraphs it displayed one of those shitty Ad-Words style advertisement for getting a mortgage refinance. Here is the screen shot:


In case you didnt notice, the Advertisement boasts how much Trump is “on a roll”, and how he’s gonna repeal Obama’s mortage bailout, etc (and designed shittily may I add) in the middle of an news article talking about how catastrophic the Trump Administration is. The article goes on, which I read in full, but I just couldn’t help but think about how much the credibility of the whole piece felt shoddy when at they same time they peddle some crap ad that somehow panders to exploitation of emotions (Trump’s gonna save us).

I see these kinds of ads all the time in all the news outlets. All it really tells me is fundamentally the news and media just cares about their click-bait bullshit, and making revenue. It doesn’t matter to them whether its completely hypocritical to the morality they rave on about. All that matters is the money. Maybe they can put their money where their mouths is and show a little bit of actual morality. I am certainly no professional journalist, but people aren’t so stupid they won’t notice little things like that. And its little things like that that tells people the news is inauthentic as all hell. And this one of the reasons why we have the politics we have today.




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